Breaking away from the trends of a stagnant industry,ecodrycleaner is designed with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices from the ground up.

Beginning with the cleaning process, we abandon the use of toxic solvents and employ safe, non-toxic cleaning agents such as GreenEarth Cleaning, a gentle but remarkably effective cleaning agent that is environmentally safe.

GreenEarth Cleaning is liquid silicone, a safe and natural by-product of sand. Traditional dry cleaners use a petroleum-based solvent called perc and hydrocarbon. The EPA regulates perc as a toxic air contaminant because it can be harmful to humans.

We use no hazardous chemicals. None.

So there’s nothing to dirty the air, contaminate the soil or pollute the water. Unlike perc and hydrocarbon, our liquid silicone can be safely disposed. It merely breaks down into its three natural components — water, carbon dioxide, and sand.  We are the only ones doing organic dry cleaning.

ecodrycleaner has the latest state-of-art and highly efficient dry and wet cleaning equipment. Our dry cleaning process reuses cleaning solution to reduce waste and usage, while our cleaning process uses non-hazardous solutions such as enzyme detergents.

Did you feel that gust of wind?

It just helped clean your suit.

We proudly invest in wind power to run our facilities.

We recycle hangers, cuff clips, collar supports and all poly bags that we use in packaging. We ask our customers to put these recyclable items inside their ecodrycleaner bag the next time they turn in their dry-cleaning.

For our walk-in customers that want to be Hanger Heroes, we offer free hanger boxes for recycling hangers. We proudly give our Hanger Hero Customers a 5% discount on their next order when they return a full box of hangers for us to recycle. We recycle hangers from any cleaner! Although the Hanger Hero Program is only for our walk-in customers, our delivery customers can still recycle their hangers by placing the hangers in their ecodrycleaner garment bag when they turn in their cleaning.

ecodrycleaner offers convenient Free Pick-Up and Delivery to your home or office which keeps thousands of our customers off the road!

Each new Delivery/VIP customer receives their own, personalized reusable Converta Bag, a laundry bag that converts into a garment bag for returning customer’s orders.  Converta bags have greatly reduced the need for the poly that covers the clothes for delivery.




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