We combine our deliveries to provide the most efficient route to your door. With thousands of customers – that’s a lot of cars we keep off the road! We offer free pick-up and delivery to many commercial retail offices and homes located throughout the Portland metro area. To get started give us a call  (503) 533-8675 or sign up online!

What happens after you sign up

We send you a welcome email

We follow up with courtesy reminder email that notifies you of your Pick-Up/Delivery Day. When you need a Pick-Up, reply to our courtesy reminder email and put all of your items for cleaning, alterations, leather cleaning or shoe repair in a disposable bag.

Fill out customer profile form
You can either submit this form online or print it out and leave it with your bag. You will only need to do this for your first order.  You can also include any descriptions of the stain(s), request alterations/repairs or add special notes by including this Special Instructions Form.

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I agree to comply with all cardholder terms and conditions. I recognize that ecodrycleaner™ will clean my items according to manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. I will not hold ecodrycleaner™ responsible for damage incurred if manufacturer’s cleaning instructions are followed.

ecodrycleaner™ will contact you for credit card information. We accept Visa, MasterCard,
American Express, and Discover (no cash or checks, please). Your card information will be
kept securely on file and every order will be returned to you with a detailed receipt

Leave your bag out

Leave out your bag at a predetermined location by 8:30 am and we will come and pick it up!

Clean order returned

Your order will be returned with a personalized ecodrycleaner Converta Bag* (to be used for all future orders) on the next Pick-Up/Delivery Day.

*What’s a Converta Bag?  A laundry bag that converts into a garment bag for returning corders.  Converta bags have greatly reduced the need for the poly that covers the clothes for delivery.